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arrow_bullet SMALLbox

The SMALLbox, a test ground framework for sparse representation and dictionary learning.

arrow_bullet K-SVD*

Implementation of the K-SVD algorithm (training a dictionary to lead to sparse representation) along with some demonstration of its use for denoising.

arrow_bullet The Matching Pursuit ToolKit (MPTK)

MPTK provides a fast implementation of the Matching Pursuit algorithm for the sparse decomposition of multichannel signals. It comprises a C++ library, standalone command line utilities, and some scripts for running it and plotting the results through Matlab.

arrow_bullet Audio Inpainting toolbox

A new toolbox for new audio applications: inpaint audio like you inpaint images!

arrow_bullet GAPn

GAP (Greedy Analysis Pursuit) is a greedy algorithm to recover cosparse analysis signals from incomplete linear data. It may be loosely considered as the analysis counterpart of the Orthogonal Matching Pursuit algorithm.

GAPn is a version of GAP able to deal with noisy data.

For details on GAPn, see

For details on GAP, see

arrow_bullet AGLA (Analysis Greedy Like Algorithms)

A package implementing Greedy-Like Algorithms for the Cosparse Model.

arrow_bullet AOL

AOL (Analysis Operator Learning) is an alogrithm to learn analysis operator from noiseles data. It may be considered as the analysis couterpart of usual dictionary learning algorithms.
A version of AOL dealing with noise is under development.

For details on AOL :

For details on a noise aware version of AOL :


* Note that this software is automatically downloaded and installed when using the SMALLbox, so it does not need installing separately in this case.



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