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Key results

arrow_bullet Cosparsity: sparsity revisited

Just do sparse representations without a dictionary...

arrow_bullet Learning Analysis Operators

Learning in the cosparse paradigm...

arrow_bullet Learning Structures

From block sparsity, tree-structured sparsity to learned structured sparsity...

arrow_bullet Dictionary Learning Theory

Can we learn a dictionary from training samples with performance guarantees?

arrow_bullet Compressible Priors

Surprising views on the connections between Bayesian estimation and sparse regression...

arrow_bullet Audio Inpainting

Inpaint audio signals the same way you inpaint images...

arrow_bullet Spread Spectrum Technology

A universal and efficient compressed sensing strategy using a spread spectrum technique...

arrow_bullet Wavelets on Graphs

Have you ever dreamt of a wavelet transform on the vertices of an arbitrary graph ?

arrow_bullet SMALL Box

Test your algorithm, share your code, create new problems...


RĂ©mi Gribonval, coordinator
Equipe-Projet METISS
INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique
Campus de Beaulieu
F-35042 Rennes cedex, France.

Phone: (+33/0) 299 842 506
Fax: (+33/0) 299 847 171
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