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The test ground to explore new methods for sparse models.

In a nutshell...


Sparse representations, reproducible research.

Why a new toolbox?

  • To provide an easy way to evaluate methods against state-of-the art alternatives.
  • To provide interoperability between existing state-of-the art toolboxes: Sparco, Sparselab, Sparsify, KSVD, SKSVD, etc.

Inside the box

A unifying interface that enables a seamless connection between three types of modules:

  • problems;
  • dictionary learning algorithms;
  • sparse solvers.


Learn more and download it freely!

Go to the Homepage of SMALL Box.


RĂ©mi Gribonval, coordinator
Equipe-Projet METISS
INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique
Campus de Beaulieu
F-35042 Rennes cedex, France.

Phone: (+33/0) 299 842 506
Fax: (+33/0) 299 847 171
E-MAIL: contact