Mark Plumbley - Workshop Opening

Mike Davies - Compressible distributions

Michael Elad - The Analysis Sparse Model - Definition, Pursuit, Dictionary Learning, and Beyond

Daniel Vainsencher - Sample complexity of dictionary learning through \epsilon nets

Remi Gribonval - Sparse dictionary learning in the presence of noise & outliers

Gabriel Peyré - Robust Sparse Analysis Regularization

Nir Sochen - The time-frequency uncertainty principle is exceptional!

Bruno Torresani - Lp and entropic uncertainty inequalities

Pierre Vandergheynst - On localization and uncertainty in graph based representations

Anders Hansen - Sampling and subsampling in an analog/infinite-dimensional framework

Panel discussion

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Realized by Matthew Davies and Maria Jafari from QMUL and Jules Espiau de LamaŽstre from INRIA Rennes- July 2012.